Robots can build your house in just two days

A West Australian company has a robot they say can lay 1,000 bricks per hour and build the frame of an average house in under two days. The robot is still in prototype stage, but Fastbrick Robotics is hoping to bring a commercial machine onto the market within the next couple of years. 

With more than AU$7 million spent in research and development, this robot is able to take a pack of bricks, and handle, process and lay them without human intervention. A 3D computer aided design file ensures the machine cuts, routes and lays the bricks to a high level of accuracy using a 28 metre telescopic boom.

The technology was developed by Mark Pivac, an aeronautic and mechanical engineer, and the company's chief technical officer. The bricklaying process is a real bottleneck for the industry, Pivac said, and this robot could dramatically cut the construction time and costs of building the average house.

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Photo: Fastbrick Robotics