Scenarios for selected timber markets

While timber supply is rather predictable, the future use of timber in society is subject to a wide range of influences. This project explored the major forces of change driving timber supply and demand in Australia over the next 35 years and how those changes will influence the Australian timber market in 2020.

Three scenarios of what Australia will be like in 2020 served as the testing ground to investigate strategy or policy choices for the future. The scenarios are: Building Bridges—a world of new and strengthened relationships between institutions and individuals driven by a shared vision for a better world; High Rise Living—a world driven by growth, ambition and personal achievement with many opportunities and just as many dangers; Little Boxes—a planned and ordered world with the government taking control of Australia’s environmental destiny and the means of getting there.

The three scenarios provide a framework that is very useful for establishing the likelihood and consequences or impact of particular events or possible changes to existing arrangements in the uses of a selected range of timber products. 

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