Specifier research shows WoodSolutions awareness climbs

The third phase of the ongoing specifier research, conducted from April to June 2014, shows that awareness of the WoodSolutions program has more than doubled since the program started in 2011. This observation is supported by the increased website traffic. Together, the increased awareness and traffic indicate that more specifiers are using WoodSolutions as a primary source of information about designing and building with wood and wood products.

The research results also showed that movements in perceptions of wood and wood products are generally aligned to the messaging in WoodSolutions communications.  The trends for wood are positive and may be linked to the increased awareness and use of the WoodSolutions website.

It is interesting to note the strong growth in awareness for WoodSolutions is not matched by any other material organisation.

For the first time, this phase of research used information from related professionals, accessed through relationships that FWPA have developed with professional bodies. The extra participants included building and quantity surveyors.

The research results will be used to inform future decisions about the program and associated activities.