Standards Development Review

In consultation with FWPA, Standards Australia has undertaken a review of its Committee structures following feedback on a proposed restructure from various stakeholders including timber industry representatives, aligned stakeholders and Committee nominating organisations.  A key driver for this review is the declining human and financial resources available to the timber industry for the development, review and updating of Australian Standards. There are currently over 230 timber standards, standard’s supplements, amendments, handbooks and handbook supplements.  This is a huge catalogue of publications for the industry to service.

Following the review, an Timber Standards Development Forum (22/8/13) was organised by Standards Australia to outline a proposed Committee restructure from the existing eight (8) timber (TM) committees to three (3) to broadly aligning with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) timber standards committees. Standards Australia has a “seat” on a number of ISO committees that are filled by TM committee representatives.

Standards Australia are currently finalising a new structure for approval by their Board to enable implementation.