Submission by FWPA to the National Energy Efficient Building Project

FWPA aims to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian forest and wood products industry through innovation, and investment in effective and relevant R&D. FWPA undertakes industry-level activities where a collective approach can deliver more effective and valuable commercial outcomes than individual action.

Timber and wood products are a major building material in Australia. FWPA is a strong supporter and advocate of greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives, especially through the increased use of sustainably sourced wood products. Accordingly, FWPA is keen to investigate, inform on and assist with delivering real energy efficiency related greenhouse gas emission actions and strategies.

The National Energy Efficient Building Project (NEEBP) is currently investigating concerns that the energy performance requirements in the NCC may not be translating into real improvements and is also looking to identify ways to encourage and support positive steps beyond minimum compliance and towards best practice. The Australian forest and wood products sector supports this investigation.

View FWPA’s submission to NEEBP here