The effect of solid-wood silviculture on growth, form and wood properties in Eucalyptus plantations: an Australian perspective

Thinning, pruning and fertiliser application are important silvicultural treatments used in eucalyptus plantations. This research project investigated the growth and physiological responses, as well as changes in wood properties in response to these treatments from an Australian perspective.

These treatments are examined in terms of their production ecology; growth responses to each treatment are described as a function of how they affect light and water availabilities, capture and use efficiency, and biomass partitioning. In addition, the silvicultural treatments are sometimes carried out simultaneously and can therefore potentially interact. These interactions, together with site quality, are also examined.
Site quality is a useful variable for explaining thinning responses; however, stand structure, in terms of the skewness and variability of diameter distributions, appears to affect other variabilities, and may also help to understand mechanisms behind thinning responses.

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