The effects of genetic improvement on radiata pine wood density

Density is a key wood quality trait and has been the focus of selective breeding efforts in radiata pine. The aim of this Scion study was to quantify realised genetic gain in radiata pine wood density and to incorporate it into existing modelling systems for predicting growth and wood quality.

A national model of radiata pine wood density was modified by researchers to account for the effects of genetic improvement on whole-log average density and the variation in density within a log. Simulations showed a strong positive relationship between the GF Plus rating for wood density and Wood Density Index.

The effect of genetic improvement on wood density has been quantified and included in growth and yield modelling systems. This enables forest managers to estimate wood density in radiata pine plantations for any site and management regime established using tree stocks with a specific wood density rating.

Click here for source (New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science)

Image Credit: FIEA