The Judging Process

What needs to be included in the application?

Each project application must include:

  1. A submission which uses the Key Selection Criteria to explain the project proposal. The submission must not be more than 1,000 words.
  2. A signed and dated application checklist.
  3. A signed and dated application form.

Is there a Key Selection Criteria?

Yes, there is a Key Selection Criteria. It is important that you use it as your application must include answers to the following Key Selection criteria listed in dot points below (please note there is no prescribed format for how you respond to the Key Selection Criteria):

Key Selection Criteria

  • Project idea – What is your idea?
  • What value does your idea bring?
  • Why do you want or need to use Australian wood fibre?
  • What use is your idea, what problem can it solve?
  • If you’re successful in obtaining project funding, how will you use the funding?
  • What benefit is your idea to Australia?
  • Is there a potential path to commercialization? If so, what is it?
  • Is your project likely to develop any Intellectual property for the University?
  • Budget – how much money do you need to undertake this project, maximum $20,000?

How will my application be judged?

Your application will be judged using the 2021 National University Wood Challenge rubric using the four criterion which are described here (click to download).

Is there an application checklist?

Yes. Providing a completed signed and dated application checklist is a requirement of the application process. It must be completed and signed by the University academic or University representative. It can be downloaded here.

How are any conflict of interests managed?

A judge must disclose any potential conflict of interest when assessing applications to the other judges and to The conflict may include a current working relationship with an applicant, e.g. PhD research supervisor.

A judge who declares a potential conflict is excused from assessing that application as well as the group discussion of that applicant. Where this occurs the final combined score will be based on the average score of the remaining judges and weighted accordingly so that the applicant will not be disadvantaged.

Who owns any Intellectual Property created from the prize?

The Intellectual property created with this prize will vest with the University.

Where can I get Australian wood fibre from? We are most likely able to support your requirement for wood fibre. You’ll need to get in touch with us to work through the details prior to submitting your application.