The Suitability of Plantation Thinnings as Vineyard Posts

This project investigated the suitability of using thinnings from a range of plantation species as vineyard posts. The hardwood plantation species examined were Eucalyptus grandis, E. globulus, E. pilularis, E. dunnii, E. cladocalyx and Corymbia maculata, while Acacia mearnsii was obtained from natural regrowth. The softwood plantation species were P. elliottii, P. radiata and Araucaria cunninghamii. Variables examined included: three air drying regimes; microwave conditioning of E. grandis and E. globulus; two preservative treatments for hardwoods (alkaline copper quaternary compound (ACQ) and pigment emulsified creosote); and two preservative treatments for softwood species (ACQ and, for Pinus radiata copper chromium arsenic (CCA)). A further aim was to install treated posts in commercial vineyards for demonstration purposes.

The results show that several plantation species are well suited to the production of vineyard posts, besides P. radiata.

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