The Ultimate Renewable’s™ new campaign has hit the screens!

 The next evolution of The Ultimate Renewable™ has been unveiled. The brand’s latest consumer advertising campaign has launched, headed up by a new brand ambassador.

As part of the first consumer-related marketing activity for the brand since the pandemic, FWPA has launched a new television advertisement. Through the ad, which will run nationally, viewers will meet the new brand ambassador for The Ultimate Renewable™, Adam Dovile.

A highly-skilled builder and carpenter (or ‘chippy’) with a genuine love of timber, Dovile is a recognisable face thanks to regular appearances on Seven’s ever-popular Better Homes and Gardens.

Dovile said he hopes the campaign will further the brand’s mission of helping shift attitudes around wood among the public and construction industry.

“It’s great to see that many more architects, designers and specifiers recognise the benefits of wood and embrace its use,” said Dovile

“I am excited to add my voice to this great cause by partnering with The Ultimate Renewable™ to promote the benefits and sustainable nature of this wonderful, versatile material.”

The 15 and 30-second TV ads will appear across eight networks, including Ten, Nine, Seven, WIN, Prime, Southern Cross Austereo, SBS and Foxtel, and could reach up to five million people.

During the ads, viewers will hear Dovile speak about the advantages of forest and wood products, as an animated house takes shape. The television ad is being supported by promotion through social media, magazines, podcasts, and billboards in both metro and regional locations.

The aim of the campaign is to create genuine consumer and industry engagement with the brand and reinforce that wood is a sustainable product.

Andrew Leighton, CEO of FWPA said the decision to resume consumer advertising for The Ultimate Renewable™ was driven by an increased interest in sustainability among Australians, which was prompted by the pandemic.

“It is vital that companies and brands across every sector are seen to demonstrate an authentic commitment to sustainability, for their own competitiveness and longevity,” said Leighton.

“The Ultimate Renewable™ equips companies operating in the forest and wood products space with the tools they need to achieve this.

“We believe that moving forward consumers are likely to become increasingly discerning when it comes to sustainability. Their ability to distinguish between organisations that are genuinely committed and those that lack conviction will become sharper, and they won’t be afraid to reject brands they consider to be unsustainable,” said Leighton.

An added benefit of the campaign will be the ability for FWPA to keep its ‘finger on the pulse’ when it comes to perceptions around timber, by conducting pre- and post-campaign tracking and research to measure success and engagement.

The campaign launched on Sunday 19 June, and will run for two-months, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

The Ultimate Renewable™ brand was developed and launched in 2019 to reinforce the association between wood and the word ‘renewable’.

Alongside consumer advertising activities, a key element of the brand is the universal, positive communications message it has created for the forestry sector to share.

Stakeholders from across the industry continue to enthusiastically incorporate the brand into their own collateral, by downloading the logo, banner ads and videos for use on everything from letterheads to invoices, websites, truck signage, packaging, and even branded cakes!

“Since launching The Ultimate Renewable™ three years ago, the industry response has been incredibly encouraging. It is a wonderful example of what our sector can achieve by working together with a united voice,” said Eileen Newbury, Head of Marketing and Communications at FWPA.

“Incorporating The Ultimate Renewable™ assets into your company collateral not only helps further the reach of the brand’s important messages, but also reminds customers of the renewable and sustainable nature of your wood products.”

In addition to downloading the branding assets, members can purchase branded merchandise at The Ultimate Renewable™ online store. From pens and pencils to coasters, bags, caps, T-shirts and even chopping boards, all items are available at cost price, exclusively for our program partners. To find out more, click here.