The X-Carve creates 3D pieces from wood, metal & plastic

3D printing promises to be the gateway to a world where a person's ideas are literally made manifest. However, 3D printing isn't suitable for everything and, with materials issues and finish quality to take into account, plastic is the most widely used raw material for the average user.

Enter the X-Carve, a new innovation that allows home DIY enthusiasts and makers to create three-dimensional pieces using materials as varied as wood, metal and plastic. Currently, makers have to splash out a whole lot of money if they want to work with anything other than extruded plastic -- the X-Carve is looking to change that. 

The innovative X-Carve is a low cost, modular and open source machine capable of working with plastic, Corian, cork, Delrin, foam, machinable wax, a variety of metals, wood, medium-density fibreboard, paper and cardboard.

The market for 3D printing is expanding rapidly and new technologies are now enabling more wood products to be used as a viable raw material.

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Photo: Inventables