The year that was

Our latest annual report details the various ways in which FWPA is working to secure and strengthen the future of the industry, in both the short and long term.

As our managing director, Mr Ric Sinclair, said: “Our industry is unique and it is particularly important we give due attention to both its immediate and distant futures, considering the length of the growing cycles we plan around.

“The decisions we make today will still be having an impact 20, 30 or even 50 years down the line.”

The report details some of the ways FWPA successfully builds the systems and platforms necessary to achieve our mission of growing the market for our products, increasing productivity and profitability across the value chain, and ensuring positive environmental and social outcomes.

The report includes a snapshot of highlights from the year, plus more detailed information about some of the key projects and initiatives supporting us in working towards the following five strategic priorities:

  • promoting the advantages of wood products
  • aligning products to market needs
  • assisting value chain optimisation
  • increasing resource availability and reducing risk
  • impacting decision-making and industry capability.

You can read the FWPA Annual Report in full on our website.