Timber buildings: evidence of lower costs emerge

Timber buildings really can be potentially more cost effective to build. New Australian research supports the case and the timber development sector is educating the rest of the industry.   

The FWPA funded study, ‘Commercial Building Costing Cases Studies – Traditional Design versus Timber Project’, was developed by Andrew Dunn from the Timber Development Association and researchers from the University of Technology Sydney.

Cost comparisons where made from the designs of four major commercial building types in both timber and conventional construction. The analysis showed that potentially timber buildings would be 10-15% more cost effective to construct across many building types.

The most substantial savings for timber construction compared with conventional methods were in commercial office buildings (12.4% savings), aged care facilities (13.9% savings) and portal-framed industrial sheds (9.4% savings). 

Commercial and residential building designs included analysis of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, facade and acoustic considerations.

The research noted that more savings were likely to emerge with greater adoption of timber in the construction sector.

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Photo: The Fifth Estate