Timber in multi-residential, commercial and industrial building: Recognising opportunities and constraints

This report explores the potential increased use of timber and wood products in building construction, particularly in the growing multi-residential (i.e. units, hotels, etc.), commercial (i.e. shops, offices, etc.), and public building sectors (i.e. hospitals, schools, theatres, etc.).

Many technical solutions already exist to economically and successfully include more timber in multi-storey buildings; however, the timber and wood products industry do not have sufficient staff with the skill and expertise necessary to engage the building industry regularly and effectively. The building products industry is highly competitive and unsupported systems can quickly be overshadowed.

This report recommends the timber and wood products industry develop its own capacity in timber design and construction, and support increased capacity in these areas in the building design professions and the general building industry. Timber industry staff may need further training and education to create and sell timber-based technical solutions for projects, rather than just products.

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