Transition strategies: Accelerating social acceptance and removing the barriers to prefabricated multi-storey timber urban infill developments in Australia using CLT construction systems

This report reviewed and formulated strategies for increasing the uptake of and social acceptance of living in multi-storey cross-laminated timber(CLT)-constructed buildings in infill developments.

Factors affecting the construction of engineered wood product buildings include: lack of data on the cost of design, construction, operations and maintenance of prefabricated engineered wood buildings; building code standards addressing acoustics, durability and fire, quality control, planning rules and urban design guidelines for prefabricated engineered wood buildings; and Australian industry capacity to supply prefabricated engineered timber.

The report recommends a combination of structural and information strategies. For consumers, information strategies reinforcing the environmental strengths of CLT should be developed and in-depth research on behaviour conducted to  facilitate and accelerate the move towards more inner-city housing that is fully embraced by residents in Australia.

Key players in government and industry need to lead the way for innovative construction in CLT high-rise buildings and to satisfy building code requirements.

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