Vehicle sales hit record 1.160 million year-ended February 2016

Australia’s love of all things motoring continues to be proven as total annual vehicle sales hit a new record of 1,159,699 for the year-ended February 2016. The national desire to join the daily crush on the nation’s highways leading into major cities saw total vehicle sales rise 3.81% compared with a year prior.

Yet, as the data and the chart below show, passenger vehicle sales are in decline and as a proportion of the total, have never been lower.


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In February 2016, passenger vehicle sales fell to 40,379 units, down 6.3% on February 2015. For the year-ended February 2016, passenger vehicle sales of 507,894 vehicles accounted for 43.7% of total sales, down from 54.8% for the year-ended March 2012.

Attribution here is difficult, but this data does not necessarily reflect lower sales to private buyers. What is more likely is that the classification of vehicles continues to alter over time. One person’s van is another person’s people mover, after all.