Webinar: ABARES Draft Work Plan 2018-2022

ABARES produce the national Forest and Wood Product Statistics each 6 months and undertake a number of ongoing longer terms research projects such as the annual Gross Value of Production survey which determines the annual quantity, value and grade of logs harvested. Other activities include the national plantation inventory and periodic mill surveys. This range of work means ABARES has strengths in data gathering, analysis and modelling.

In recent years to take advantage of those strengths the FWPA has entered into a contract with ABARES to continue to deliver projects of value to industry. This covers a contribution to ABARES “business as usual” activities which supports industry and government decision making. In addition funding has been provided for additional projects of specific benefit to industry.

To consider projects to be included in a new contract between ABARES and the FWPA on behalf of industry for the period 2018 to 2022 a draft work plan has been developed.

An industry consultation process has been undertaken to determine program priorities based on the draft paper. The webinar provides an overview of the program achievements to date and an outline of the projects currently under consideration in the new contract.

View full draft work program here

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