Webinar: Production Forest Methodologies for the Emissions Reduction Fund

Presented By Dr Hilary Smith, Latitude Forest Services, Dr Fabiano Ximenes, NSW Department Of Primary Industries (Wednesday 5th June 2019)

This presentation reports the results of a recently published  FWPA funded project entitled Production Forest Methodologies for the Emissions Reduction Fund (PNC354-1415). 

The project sought to capture opportunities under ERF for forest managers and wood processors in both the native forest and plantation sectors through the development of a suite of GHG reduction methodologies including through: 

  1. Carbon sequestration in long-rotation plantations;
  2. Carbon sequestration through the retention of plantations established on economically marginal sites which are under threat of conversion into agricultural lands;
  3. Carbon storage in harvested wood products (HWPs);
  4. Use of biomass from forest harvest operations and wood processing facilities to generate bioenergy;
  5.  Increasing carbon stocks in forests through enhanced forest management; and
  6. Reduced emissions through bushfire prevention.

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