Webinar series takes deep dive into recent domestic and international timber supply and demand trends

FWPA is preparing to host a series of one-hour webinars to explain the recent changes in supply and demand for timber products, both within Australia and overseas. The webinars will draw on significant international and domestic expertise to canvas the current timber market as well as future outlooks.

The series, entitled ‘Domestic and international timber market dynamics’, will offer the very latest knowledge from around the world to CEOs and high-level executives from FWPA member organisations, as well as other key decision makers from across the Australian forest and wood products supply chain.

Kevin Peachey, Statistics & Economics Manager at FWPA, said each webinar will be presented by an industry expert with the latest key insights from their region.

The five sessions will focus on:

  •          key trends in European timber markets
  •          wild North American lumber market dynamics
  •          Australian timber market dynamics
  •          timber usage in residential construction
  •          current market conditions, supply chain, domestic and imported.

“The expert information provided via these webinars will help industry gain a complete picture of what is happening in the turbulent domestic and international timber markets, to support smart planning in their own businesses,” Peachey said.

The first webinar, Key trends in European timber markets, will provide details on the current situation in Europe and globally, as well as the outlook for these markets during the coming six-to-twelve months.

This will be followed by a session focused on wild North American lumber market dynamics.Attendees will look at the drivers for demand in the USA, and the reasons why domestic supply can’t keep up. 

The series will shift its focus to the topic of Timber usage in residential construction. A major market for timber and engineered wood products is new home construction. However, the quantity of wood products and their specific application in construction remains unclear. Attendees will hear details of research projects undertaken to assess timber usage in this space.

Australian timber market dynamics will be explored in the third session. The webinar will provide analysis on the Australian timber market experience, the international context, and price and supply expectations.

The series will conclude with an industry panel comprising representatives from businesses spanning the timber supply chain. The date and time for the Discussion on current market conditions, supply chain, domestic and imported, we be immediately following the Australian timber market dynamics presentation. 

To find out more, or to register for one or more of these sessions, please visit the link by clicking here.