Webinar: Sustaining productivity in bluegum plantations through multiple rotations

Wendesday 26th August, 11AM - 12 noon (AEST) 

Presented by Michael Battaglia, CSIRO Agriculture Flagship

This webinar looks at the causes and maps the likely extent and explores some management changes to mitigate second rotation decline of blue gum plantations in Western Australia. 

The FWPA funded study developed predictive modelling tools that can be readily incorporated into existing company inventory systems. The model calculates basal area and volume for the second rotation on a site based on the standardised precipitation evaporation index (which takes into account rainfall and evaporation at a site) for the site together with productivity information from the first rotation. 

The contribution of climate, insect damage changes in soil water and soil nutrition will also be discussed.

Dr. Battaglia guides CSIRO’s work in mitigation and agriculture, looking at innovation, knowledge transfer and capacity building.  In previous roles he lead CSIRO’s forestry work, and acted as deputy Flagship Leader for the Agriculture Flagship.  Within CSIRO he actively contributes as a research scientist particularly in the areas of forest vulnerability assessment, adaptation to climate change and in systems modelling.  

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