What drives forest innovations in North America?

policy makers and academics. The forest industry has produced a strong level of research in recent years and it is important to better understand the market characteristics driving these innovations. This review focuses on 28 forest sector research papers published in USA and Canada from 2000 to 2013. 

Seven important themes from the literature are identified and discussed: defining innovation and innovativeness; measuring innovativeness; factors influencing innovativeness; new product development; climate/culture; innovation systems; and innovativeness and firm performance. 

The positive culture and climate within a company has a clear connection to improved innovativeness and firm performance. Generally, findings describing the culture of the forest sector show a conservative group that fails to sufficiently invest in innovativeness and innovation. Culture change presents a significant opportunity within the industry to strive toward the improved development of new products, processes and business systems to reap the rewards of improved performance. 

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Image credit: FIEA

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