Wood as a restorative material in healthcare environments

While the study of wood and health is relatively new in the field of environmental psychology, a clear relationship between the presence of other natural elements has been established in built environments. 

This FPInnovations report investigates the use of wood within Canadian healthcare environments and draws the link between this and pro health outcomes. This also follows on from the recently released study commissioned by environmental organisation Planet Ark that supports the benefits of living with wood. The Planet Ark study highlights that timber products have atmospheric and even psychological properties unmatched by synthetics.

The evidence shows that we are healthier, happier and more productive when connected with nature. However as we spend most of our lives indoors, we need to take every practical opportunity to bring natural elements into our indoor environments. 

There is a shift towards greater use of wood in healthcare environments is an important and practical step in reconnecting patients, families and practitioners with the pro health benefits of exposure to wood and nature.

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Photo: FPInnovations