Wood pulp waste converted to stable, blendable biocrude

Scientists with the Australian start-up Licella have devised a way to use biomass waste from the papermaking process to make a new petroleum substitute – biocrude oil – that has attracted the interest of Canadian pulp and paper producer CanFor.

The process can convert biomass, including wood residues from Canfor Pulp’s kraft pulping processes, into biocrude oil that is ready to go into existing petrochemical refinery streams to generate renewable fuels.

The ITQ laboratory in Valencia, Spain, has demonstrated that it is possible to upgrade Licella’s biocrude to kerosene and diesel utilising standard refinery infrastructure.

Other biofuels are typically low-energy density, are not stable, and are difficult to transport and blend. Licella’s biofuel has proven to be stable, transportable and blendable.

Over the past nine years Licella has invested A$60 million in its technology development. 

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Image Credit: Licella