Woodchip Exports Boom

Exports, which are largely of hardwood plantation chips, have passed through several cycles. On a value basis, woodchips have delivered more revenue to Australia in the past, but current exports are sustained and appear set to continue at or near record levels.

The chart below shows the experience of woodchip exports since May 2009, on a value basis.

9 - Wood Chips Pellets

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In April 2015, the value of woodchip exports was AUD81.2 million, sitting alongside exports valued at AUD113.9 million in March 2015. Just thee years ago, in March 2013, exports were valued at just AUD36.8 million. 

As the chart displays, a prolonged and largely consistent run of increasing annual export values appears to be continuing. For the year to end of April 2015, exports were valued at AUD925.6 million and is set to increase further as years roll forward.

The details below show the value of sales of woodchips (and wood pellets) by type for the years to the end of April since 2010. The data shows that hardwood chips (in yellow) always dominate, with softwood chips and pellets remain relatively insignificant.

10 - Wood Chips Pellets-  comparative

Note: 4401.21.20 is softwood chips, 4401.22.20 is hardwood chips, 4401.31.00 is wood pellets

For further details, go to the FWPA Data Dashboard