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WoodSolutions is the second part of a dual communication strategy. The Ultimate Renewable™ addresses the general consumer market, giving people the reasons WHY they should use wood. WoodSolutions target design and building professionals, providing information about HOW to use wood products.

Answering A Market Need for Information About Wood

Since the launch of this program, research shows that more than half of Australia’s design and construction sector professionals are now aware that wood from a sustainably managed source has many environment benefits because it is renewable, has lower embodied energy than competing materials and sequesters carbon in the built environment.

Everyone is familiar with wood, yet many building professionals don't have the specific knowledge or experience to confidently specify wood for unfamiliar applications.

WoodSolutions - Current Activities

The WoodSolutions website delivers relevant, accurate information with the potential to provide the recipient with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points - where applicable - through a wide range of channels.

WoodSolutions Online Resource - www.woodsolutions.com.au

Responding to market needs identified by research, this comprehensive site is designed to provide architects, engineers and other building professionals with information and technical resources about using wood and wood products.

Australia's most authoritative source of wood-related information, WoodSolutions is a non-proprietary database that includes:

  • Species information
  • Technical Design Guides
  • Expert answers to user questions
  • Case studies
  • Media reviews
  • Performance data
  • Fixing and finishes
  • Fire rating information
  • Standards and Codes
  • Supplier listing
  • Event calendar
  • In house training
  • Timber Life software and much more.

WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides

Designed to provide accurate, relevant information, titles cover many subjects providing hundreds of pages of information on topics including: timber-framed construction for townhouse buildings, multi-residential and commercial buildings, and building with timber in bushfire-prone areas, timber service life, timber finishes, windows and doors, alternative fire solutions and more.

WoodSolutions Tutorials

A series of presentations on a wide range of topics designed for architects, engineers and specifiers. These can be customised to specific audiences and delivered at workplaces or other venues. CPD points are generally available for this activity.

WoodSolutions Seminars

Events at which international and local speakers cover a broad range of topics chosen for their relevance to the audience and aimed at increasing the use of wood in the Australian construction industry. CPD points are generally available for these activities. To deliver our information sessions we work closely with associations including the AIBS, AIA, AILA, HIA, MBA and EA.

For more information on all activities visit www.woodsolutions.com.au